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Prescription Drug Safety Program






About The Partnership




The Office of the Indiana Attorney General joined the Prescription Drug Safety Network, to bring an innovative prescription drug abuse prevention course, developed by EVERFI, to designated high schools in Indiana. The course is free to schools through sponsorships provided by the Indiana Office of the Attorney General, Walmart, and North Central Health Services (a non-profit hospital and grant-making organization).

Partnership Announcement - 2018

Read the full press release here.


About The Course

The digital learning course uses an evidence-based, public health approach to empower high school students with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs. Through interactive scenarios and self-guided activities, students learn the facts about drugs, how to properly use and dispose of them, and how to step in when faced with a situation involving misuse. The course is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control’s National Health Education Standards and state academic standards. 


Curriculum Overview

Through interactive scenarios and self-guided activities, high school students learn the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs. This 45-min course covers:

  • Opioids, stimulants, and depressants
  • Proper prescription drug use, storage, and disposal
  • Brain and body: the science of addiction
  • Simulations: refusal and bystander skills
  • Debunking Common Myths


To Get Started in your High School Class Room

Download this Quick Start Guide to get started with your students today. Contact Kaley Esselborn ( for more information, or to set up a brief training for teachers who are interested in using the resource in their classrooms. 
Quick Start Guide - Walks teachers through registration and activation

Course Overview - contains information about the content and lessons

Demo Video - Prescription Drug Safety Program for Teens


Youth Prevention Summit 2018

In 2018, the Office of the Attorney General, Walmart, and EVERFI convened students from diverse communities in Indiana for an interactive experience on the importance of prescription drug safety and the power of prevention among teens. Participating teens had completed the prescription Drug Safety Program. The event took place at the State House and included the themes of safe drug disposal, avoiding misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, and dispelling myths and facts associated with prescription drugs. Watch the video below to see highlights from the Youth Summit.


Indiana Youth Summit from EVERFI on Vimeo.


2018 - 2019 Academic Year Impact

Below are highlights from the Indiana Prescription Drug Impact Report including program reach, knowledge gains, and student survey responses.