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General Media Inquiries

Journalists are welcome to use any information found on this site in reporting on the Indiana State Fair and other State Fairgrounds events. This includes logos, graphics and photographs (please credit "Indiana State Fair" on all photos). If you need a higher resolution photograph or have any other questions, please contact Andy Klotz at aklotz@indianastatefair.com or (317) 927-7577.

NEW! Fairgrounds Coliseum Renovation Complete!

Renovation Project Fact Sheet

Fairgrounds Coliseum Renovation Complete Press Release

Coliseum Concert Series at the Indiana State Fair 

Click Here to see Pictures of the Renovation

Click Here to hear State Fair Commission Chairman
Andre Lacy Speak on the Renovation

Click Here to hear Populous Sr. Architect Kurt Amundsen Speak on the Renovation

Coliseum Grand Re-Opening Video