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Special Events

Queen Pageant

Purpose of the Indiana State Fair Queen and Her Duties

Although the purpose of the Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant itself is to select the next Queen, our main objective behind the event is to choose the best Indiana State Fair representative possible.

The Indiana State Fair Queen is not just a "symbol" of the Fair, and we have worked to move away from the "beauty pageant" image. Contestants are not judged in swimsuits; judging categories are Interview, Evening Gown and Professional Wear. Miss Indiana State Fair is a valuable spokesperson who uses her title as a way to market our 17-day event. She travels over 6,500 miles each June and July visiting an average of 35 county fairs and festivals in order to promote the upcoming Indiana State Fair. Appearances often consist of participation in fair activities, county fair and festival parades, county queen pageants and contestant get-togethers.

Not only is the Queen able to extend our message beyond the Fairgrounds, she is also able to serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Fair coordinators and bring peoples' opinions back to us. Countless times over the years have individuals voiced to the Queen their joys and concerns about the Indiana State Fair.

During the Fair, it is important that the Queen be able to speak to and converse with all types of visitors and guests - 4-Hers, exhibitors, individuals from both rural and urban communities, dignitaries, sponsor representatives, etc. Quite often, 4-H experience equals some degree of knowledge about or familiarity with the Indiana State Fair. However, this is not a requirement for entry in the Queen Pageant. We have had many excellent representatives over the years with little or no 4-H/agricultural background.

2013 Queen's Court

Front Row, Left to Right:

  • 3rd Runner-up, Abby Everett, Miss Boone County
  • 1st Runner-up, Bailey Farrer, Miss Cass County
  • 2013 Queen, Mariah Huff, Miss Jackson County
  • 2nd Runner-up, Katie Marak, Miss Porter County
  • 4th Runner-up, Taylor Sigler, Miss Spencer County

Second Row, Left to Right, Top Ten Finalists 

  • Kristiann Maggard, Miss Rush County
  • Brooke Howerton, Miss Crawford County
  • Paige Grate, Miss DeKalb County
  • Lynn Diehm, Miss Noble County
  • Kaytlyn Eberly, Miss Kosciusko County
  • Miss Congeniality Morgan Harrison, Miss Fountain County

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