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Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibition

The Indiana State Fair Commission (ISFC) is proud to present the first Indiana Beer & Wine Exhibition, at the 2014 Indiana State Fair, August 1-17, located in the Grand Hall across from the newly renovated Coliseum. The Exhibition will showcase Indiana Beer and Indiana Wine with tastings and sales by the glass.  While this exhibit will be educational and interactive, only persons aged 21 and older may enter the venue.

“This is the first time since 1946 alcohol has been allowed to be served at the Indiana State Fair, this inaugural year will focus on the agricultural education and celebration of Indiana beers and Indiana wines.  With this first year, attendance to the exhibit and consumption is unknown.  The ISFC team will do it’s best to predict quantities for daily tastings and purchase accordingly.  All tastings will be “while supplies last.”

COMING SOON: See the schedule of Indiana Breweries and Wineries to be featured in the exhibit!

The Indiana State Fair has partnered with the Indiana State Museum to bring to you American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. This exhibit will be one of the many educational elements located in the Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibition. The exhibit will include a selection of beer bottles from breweries across the state, a tray used to serve drinks during prohibition, and a still that was used to make whiskey. In addition, there will be fun interactive elements and information about the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites’ other exhibitions

Click Here to review Visitor FAQs  

Indiana Brewery and Winery Participation

The Indiana State Fair attracts 900,000 visitors annually so this is an amazing opportunity to feature and market your product to thousands of visitors at the State Fair.  In honor and celebration of Indiana agriculture, the State Fair hopes to showcase the products of Indiana breweries and Indiana wineries and incorporate educational and information displays throughout the exhibition. 

If you own or operate an Indiana brewery or winery, this is a marketing opportunity for exposure and interaction with thousands of fairgoers from across the state. The exhibit is structured for eight daily tasting slots (four breweries, four wineries) throughout the duration of the Fair. Hours of operation are from 1pm -9pm and last call is at 8pm.

There is NO charge for this opportunity. Due to the unique nature of the Indiana State Fair Commission’s liquor license, breweries and wineries will not be able to sell or serve products directly to the public.  The ISFC will purchase all products through a wholesale/micro wholesaler and serve all products. Please email us by Clicking Here or call 317-927-7540 if you do not have a relationship with a wholesaler. However, you and your team may interact with patrons, educating them about your products and processes at the tasting station. The tasting station will also feature a board for you to write info about your product and display promotional materials and merchandise (merchandise should be for display, not sale).

All beer and wine products must be consumed in the venue; product will not be allowed outside of the venue. The Indiana State Fair Commission will regulate the venue with crowd management personnel that will perform ID checks upon entering and additional checks at all severing stations. 

Serving of product will be limited to three servings per patron (i.e. two glasses of wine and 4 wine taste glasses). In essence, total alcohol consumption will be the equivalent of 3 glasses of beer or 3 glasses of wine.  The definition of a serving is described below.

Beer by the glass:            12oz. glass = 1 serving
Beer tasting :                   (4) 3oz glasses. = 1 serving
Wine by the glass :          5oz. glass= 1 serving
Wine tasting :                  (4) 1.5oz. glasses= 1 serving

*The State Fair requests that craft beer alcohol content be 8% or less. 

Participation in the Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibit will include two Fair Admission tickets and a parking pass.

Click Here for Exhibitor FAQs

Click here for more information on how your brewery or winery can participate.

Sponsorship Information

If you’re interested in a sponsorship opportunity, contact:
Debbie Dreiband
Senior Director of Sponsorship Sales – Live Nation
317-249-2726 or DEBBIELDREIBAND@LiveNation.com