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Fair Food Favorites

For many folks, the State Fair isn’t the State Fair without all the tasty food. The State’s Fair market research shows that food is the number reason visitors come to the fair. There are about 140 vendor locations all with their own unique fare. With all the delicious food options available it may have some visitors a little overwhelmed, so here is a guide to some food favorites and traditions:

The Dairy Bar – It offers the best of all things dairy, visitors can stop by for the Fair’s famous grilled cheeses, with options of  American on white, pepper jack on wheat and Swiss on rye or any combination of those. There Dairy Bar also sells vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and lemon milkshakes. The best part about the Dairy Bar is that while visitors enjoy a great meal they are also supporting local Indiana schools and organizations, as the volunteers each day are working to raise money for their programming.

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association – Known for their ribeye sandwiches, fair-goers will be able to get these delicious sandwiches and much more at the organization’s two tents. One located on the north side of the West Pavilion and the other located on the Fair’s northeast side.

Deep fried dishes – Visitors can fulfill their deep fried needs on the north side of the Coliseum. Deep Fried Twinkies can be found at Spaghetti Eddie’s and deep fried bubble gum, Snickers, Oreos and much more can be found at Carousel Concessions.

Roasted sweet corn – This Indiana favorite is served up hot and dripping in butter at the Indianapolis Washington Township Lions Club.  

Pork Producers – Located on the north side of the Coliseum, the Pork Producers grill up some delicious pork burgers and tenderloin sandwiches.

Salt water taffy – Some say the best salt water taffy comes from Jessop while others believe Sutter’s takes the blue ribbon with theirs. Visitors can decide which their favorite is but either way you can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned saltwater taffy.