Answer Key: Chapter Ten



1. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Counties can count absentee ballots at a central location or at each precinct.


2. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. An absentee ballot can be rejected if the voter already voted in person, if there is no signature on the envelope or application, if the envelope is open or resealed, or if the ballot affidavit is insufficient.


3. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. Poll workers should return rejected absentee ballots to the county election board office along with other election materials.


4. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. The precinct election board may count absentee ballots before the polls are closed but may not disclose absentee ballot vote totals to anyone but a member of the precinct election board before the polls are closed.


5. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. A poll worker should reject the absentee ballot of a voter who has already voted in person and return it with all other election materials to the county election board office.


6. CORRECT ANSWER:  If an absentee ballot application or envelope is unsigned by the voter, it should be rejected.