Answer Key: Chapter Nine


1. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. The Help America Vote Act requires that all polling places be accessible to voters with disabilities.


2. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Poll workers should familiarize themselves with the accessibility features and equipment in their polling place.


3. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Poll workers should greet visually impaired voters verbally by telling them who and where they are in the polling place.


4. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. A poll worker should only assist a voter with moving around the polling place after getting permission from the voter.


5. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. If a voter with disabilities enters a polling place with someone accompanying them, poll workers should speak directly to the voter.


6. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. Poll workers should speak calmly, slowly, and directly to voters with hearing impairments or communicate by writing a note to the voter.


7. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Yes, dogs assisting voters should be allowed in the polling place.


8. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. A voter can be assisted in the voting booth if the voter has a disability or is unable to read or write English and the voter, before entering the voting booth, requests assistance.


9. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. A relative, friend, or both precinct judges, but not an employer or union representative may assist a voter in the voting booth.


10. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. A PRE-3 Affidavit of Voter Assistance must be completed by a person assisting a voter prior to assisting the voter in the voting booth.