Answer Key: Chapter Four



1. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. The voter’s photo must be displayed; the name on the ID must conform to the name on the voter registration list; there must be an expiration date that is either current or expired sometime after the date of the last General Election; and the ID must be issued by the State of Indiana or the US Government.


2. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Indiana driver’s licenses, Indiana Photo ID cards, military IDs, and US passports meet Indiana’s voter ID requirement in most cases.


3. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. If a voter does not present a photo ID, a poll worker should allow the voter to cast a provisional ballot.


4. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Exemptions to Indiana’s photo ID law exist for indigent voters, religious objectors, and voters residing in state-licensed facilities where there is a polling place.


5. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. If a voter claims they have an exemption under Indiana’s photo ID law, a poll worker should allow them to cast a provisional ballot.