Answer Key: Chapter Two



CORRECT ANSWER:  A. There are more than 5,000 precincts in Indiana.


CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Poll workers should serve all voters equally, regardless of political affiliations.


CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Polling places in Indiana are open on Election Day from 6:00AM to 6:00PM local prevailing time.


CORRECT ANSWER:  B. Poll workers should meet at their polling place before Election Day and arrive on Election Day at 5:00AM


CORRECT ANSWER:  C. The polling place chute should extend 50 feet from the entrance to a polling place.


CORRECT ANSWER:  D. Voting booths and ballot boxes must be in the same room with poll workers.


CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Precinct election officials may leave a polling place once all votes have been counted or in central-count counties when all election materials have been returned to the county election board


CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Poll workers should consider the needs of voters with disabilities and the privacy of all voters when setting up a polling place.


CORRECT ANSWER:  C. The Indiana Voter’s Bill of Rights poster is required by law to be displayed at every polling place.


CORRECT ANSWER:  B. If poll workers discover that there isn’t enough room at a polling place for a 50 foot chute, they should ask their county election board on how to proceed.