Rokita's Office Asked to Participate in National Summit on Web Resources for Voters

Contact: AJ Freeney-Ruiz

Indianapolis, IN - Today, Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita's office will share its successful e-Services program, which provides voters with information on and around Election Day at a summit sponsored by the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in Washington, D.C. In May, Rokita announced a website to answer voter questions on Election Day and for Hoosiers to report cases of election fraud and accessibility problems during the Primary Election. The resource assisted Indiana voters on Election Day and helped maintain the integrity of the state's electoral process.

The "2006 Primary Election Day HQ," which still can be accessed via Rokita's official website found at, is part of Rokita's ongoing e-Services effort to incorporate technology into initiatives and duties undertaken by the Secretary of State's office. A member of Rokita's office will help to create a set of "best practices" with regard to voting information websites.

"For the first time ever in an Indiana election, our 'Election Day HQ' website provides a variety of Election Day resources at the fingertips of Indiana voters," Rokita said in May. "By accessing the site, Hoosiers can find out where they are supposed to vote, provide easy to understand answers on the new Voter ID law, and even access videos on how to use the new electronic voting systems found throughout the state." The site also allows voters to submit questions directly to Secretary of State staff members on Election Day.

This is the third time in the last month Rokita and the office have been asked to participate in working groups affecting election reform and practices at the national level. Since taking office, Rokita has been called to Washington on multiple occasions. As both Indiana's Chief Election Officer and as a member of the Executive Board of the EAC's Standards Board, which advises the Commission on election administration issues, Rokita has showcased Indiana's efforts in statewide election administration with fellow local and national officials.

"As Indiana is again asked to present our reform efforts, we are honored to share our experiences in creating the Election Day Headquarters and our online Polling Place Locator which received almost a half-million hits on Election Day," Rokita said. "Additionally, I am excited to present our efforts to prepare for Election Day webcasts, enabling the Secretary and the office to present, through live video feeds on the website, additional training and education as needed.