Election Day Midday Update

Contact: AJ Freeney-Ruiz

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita today issued a statement on the ongoing May 2, 2006 Primary Election.

"Today appears to be a typical Primary Election so far. No issues have been reported concerning the new Voter ID law, and few issues have been encountered with new voting equipment deployed throughout the state. The polls are open until 6:00pm, so grab your ID and go vote!"

Key Statistics on New Improvements to Indiana Elections:

Hotline (866-IN1-Vote):

  • Approximately 100 calls received thus far
  • Questions generally revolve around polling place locations and registration status of voters
  • Some questions on Voter ID, Provisional Balloting, and other issues

Voter ID:

  • No major issues to report at this time.
  • Personal and physical spot checking of 11 Central Indiana precincts by Secretary of State Todd Rokita revealed no problems with the new Voter ID requirement.
  • It was reported to the Hotline that two precincts in Marion county were not asking for ID, and the Marion County Election Board was made aware of this and addressed it

Statewide Voter Registration System/File:

  • 4,500 voter searches conducted by local election officials each hour based on projections from sampling.
  • Only 35% capacity of server used
  • Midday conference call with ground team located across the state revealed typical Election Day transaction issues


  • It was reported to the Hotline in early morning that some polling places had not opened, and county officials were made aware of this and addressed it.


  • Isolated reports of electioneering have been reported - typically dealing with campaign posters located too near polling place