Rokita Testifies Before United States House Administration Committee - Secretary Outlines Successes in Indiana's 2004 Elections

Contact: Heather Willis

Washington, D.C. - Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita testified today before the United States House of Representatives Committee on House Administration. Rokita was invited by the Committee to testify, along with three other secretaries of state, regarding the implementation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).

The Help America Vote Act was created in the House Administration Committee and passed by Congress in response to the problems surrounding the presidential election of 2000. Among other things, HAVA requires the replacement of all punch card and lever voting machines, the creation of one single, statewide voter registration system, and the provision of polling places that are accessible to disabled voters, including at least one disabled accessible voting machine in each polling place by 2006. In addition, it further attempts to facilitate voting for military and overseas voters, who face additional obstacles to voting.

While many of the requirements of HAVA come with deadlines in the year 2006, election administrators around the country have been working diligently to put the reforms in place for the past two years. As such, Rokita was among the state chief election officials asked to testify before the Committee about HAVA implementation in Indiana, successes, weaknesses, and further recommendations for reform.

"I thank the House Administration Committee for their interest in hearing about the product of their work in writing and passing the Help America Vote Act. Indiana is among the states moving forward in election reform at an aggressive pace. I am honored to have the opportunity to go to Washington and tell the Committee members about the great work of Indiana's election officials," said Rokita. "I am proud that Indiana continues to serve as a model in administering fair and efficient elections."

Rokita's testimony focused on provisional voting, voting systems, voter registration, and combating voter fraud, among other issues. A copy of Rokita's written testimony is attached.

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