Rokita Distributes New Investor Education Materials

Contact: Cam Savage

Brochures Identify Common Investing Questions, Problems and Scams

Indianapolis - Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today that his office will begin distributing a series of five new brochures aimed at educating Hoosiers about safe investing. "Each year too many Hoosiers lose their life-savings to con-artists, because they don't base their investment decisions on hard facts. Some fall victim to scams that promise get-rich-quick returns on their investments. Others just don't learn enough about in what and with whom they are investing," Rokita said.

The brochures cover common investing questions and offer tips about how to avoid scams and scam artists.

Internet Fraud - The Internet has given new life to older scams that have been around for years and allows con-artists to reach millions of people everyday.

Fraud Aimed at Older Americans - Older Americans are often the target of aggressive scams involving unregistered securities, promissory notes, viaticals, charitable gift annuities and ponzi schemes.

Promissory Notes - A favorite among con artists, promissory notes are routinely used as a legitimate means for companies to raise capital. However, legitimate promissory notes are marketed almost exclusively to corporate or large-scale investors.

Risky Ventures - All investments involve some risk, but some investments like viaticals and oil and gas ventures are favorites among con artists.

Understanding Mutual Funds - One of the most popular forms of investment in today's market, mutual funds, like all investments, offer risk with the potential for reward.

The brochures, Internet Fraud, Fraud Aimed at Older Americans, Promissory Notes, Risky Ventures and Understanding Mutual Funds, are available from the Secretary of State's office or online at For copies of the brochures, please contact the Secretary of State's Securities Division at 800-223-8791.