Rokita Warns Long Term Care Facilities about Voter Intimidation

Contact: Cam Savage

Letter outlines common questions and answers about absentee voting

Indianapolis, IN -- Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita this week sent a letter to the administrators of Indiana's 584 long term care facilities, outlining the laws regarding absentee voting at their facilities in the upcoming primary election.

"As Indiana's chief election officer, I want to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to vote without being pressured or intimidated by someone trying to influence the outcome of an election," Rokita wrote. "We must not tolerate abuses of the absentee ballot process, especially when seniors or other vulnerable citizens are the targets."

Secretary Rokita's letter also included a list of common questions and answers regarding absentee ballots and long term care facilities. The list addresses issues such as residency, voting by traveling board, and court-appointed guardians. Secretary Rokita's letter also requested that the long term care facility administrators make this information available to their employees and that they contact the Secretary of State's office or their local prosecutor if they encountered any election-related activity they think might be illegal.

A copy of Secretary Rokita's letter and a list of Common Questions and Answers for Absentee Ballots and Long Term Care Facilities are attached. For more information, please contact Cam Savage at 317-233-8655.