Secretary of State Rokita Introduces Voter's Bill of Rights

Contact: Heather Sewell

Secretary of State Rokita Introduces Voter's Bill of Rights
Poster to hang in polling places

Indianapolis, IN -- Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita today introduced posters, in both English and Spanish, of the Indiana Voter's Bill of Rights. Rokita sent the posters to each county to be displayed in polling places on Primary Election Day this Tuesday. Rokita also sent copies of the posters to counties where there are no primaries for display in public places as well as to the state political parties. The text of the Voter's Bill of Rights was approved by the Indiana Election Commission in March of this year.

"I am happy to present the English and Spanish versions of the Voter's Bill of Rights to Hoosier voters. It is a top priority of my office to safeguard every vote," said Secretary Rokita. "This Voter's Bill of Rights is a plain language document about accessibility and accountability; it provides accessibility for all of our fellow Hoosiers by letting them clearly know their rights and accountability for criminals who would commit fraud and deny Hoosier voters their rights. Because the right to vote is so dear and the principles are so important, I have provided Voter's Bill of Rights posters to be placed at polls throughout the state and have provided the document to TV and radio stations and newspapers."

Rokita thanked the state senators and representatives who were responsible for legislation regarding the Voter's Bill of Rights. Rokita thanked Senators Sue Landske, Billie Breaux, Becky Skillman, Allie Craycraft, and Mike Young and Representatives Tom Kromkowski, Kathy Richardson, Duane Cheney, Bob Behning and Mae Dickinson for their work in bringing the Bill of Rights to Hoosiers.

Rokita also thanked the Indiana Election Commission members for their approval of the text of the document. "I commend the leadership and courage of the bi-partisan Indiana Election Commission for adopting this unique document by a unanimous vote in March," said Rokita. "As election officials, we are charged with both defending the rights of eligible voters to cast ballots and protecting the election process from those that would misuse the system. The Voter's Bill of Rights is an important tool that all Hoosiers can use to carry out this mission."

Rokita was also joined with members of different voting communities who support and welcome the Voter's Bill of Rights to polling places in their communities. Representatives included members of Indiana's Hispanic and African American communities and the League of Women Voters.

A copy of the Voter's Bill of Rights is attached and is available at the Secretary of State's website: For more information, please contact Secretary Rokita's office at 317.232.6584.