Secretary of State Todd Rokita Introduces HAVA Team

Contact: Heather Sewell

Secretary of State Todd Rokita Introduces HAVA Team
Team organized to develop statewide elections plan

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Secretary of State Rokita today convened his 28-person team to help develop a statewide plan for implementation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). The group, which is composed of a diverse group representing many voting communities, will work to formulate a comprehensive plan to make Indiana elections compliant with the federal act and to bring over $80 million to Indiana if Congress fully funds the Act. The plan will include the following: updated voting machines, compilation of a statewide voter file, better accessibility of polling places for the disabled, and educational training for both poll workers and voters, and other election administration issues.

"This is the most sweeping change in election law since the Civil Rights Act of 1964," stated Secretary Rokita.

The bi-partisan group, made up of community leaders, election division representatives, and state elected officials, will meet on a weekly basis and will be facilitated by Sarah Taylor. The team will have the state plan completed by July 1.

In addition to developing and leading this team, Secretary Rokita has been making personal contact with federal legislators to garner their support on funding for election reform and administration. Rokita recently attended a HAVA conference where he worked with leaders across the country to address the changes HAVA brings.

"This is one of the most critical roles I have as Secretary of State. As the Chief Elections Officer, it is my job to protect the sanctity of the vote by making our elections as accessible and accountable as humanly possible," stated Rokita.