Rokita to deliver election reform funds to Sullivan County

Contact: Allison Fore


(Sullivan, IN) - Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita will be distributing election reform money to Sullivan County tomorrow at the Sullivan County Clerk's office, 100 Courthouse Square, Room 304, as part of the latest round of funding from the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.

Sullivan County will receive $23,396 as reimbursement for voting systems they purchased to comply with HAVA. Rokita's office began distributing funds to help pay for voting equipment upgrades resulting from the required phase-out of lever and punch card voting machines.

"It is great to see federal and state money being put to good use to help ensure fair and efficient elections for Hoosiers," Rokita said. "We have seen more recent reform in our election processes than we have since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. HAVA set forth some key mandates for all states to implement. Elimination of punch-card and lever machines, accessible polling places and voting systems, and a comprehensive statewide voter file linking all counties in real time."

Congress passed HAVA in response to issues brought to light in various parts of the country during the 2000 Presidential Election. HAVA required states and counties to replace all punch card and lever machine voting systems by January 1, 2006.

"In Indiana, thanks to the hard work of election officials at all levels of government, I am proud to say we implemented those reforms before the January 1, 2006 deadline."