Rokita urges voters to report Election Day problems by calling 1-866-IN-1-VOTE

Contact: Jen Fanger


Indianapolis – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is continuing to urge Marion County residents who were hindered from voting in Tuesday’s Municipal Primary to contact the Indiana Voter Help Line at 1-866-IN-1-VOTE, or to complete a grievance form located at

"As Indiana’s Chief Election Official, I don’t believe any eligible voter should ever be disenfranchised. I am far less concerned about assigning blame than I am about ensuring that every factor which contributed to Marion County’s problems – and there appear to be several – is identified and addressed. It is important to all Indiana voters that our counties are able to effectively administer the electoral process. As I have in the past with all counties, I will gladly make the resources of my office available to Marion County officials in order to help accomplish that goal."

The grievance form and process that Rokita is asking Marion County voters to utilize are available to all Indiana voters, as provided by federal and state law. Employees of the Secretary of State’s office staff the Help Line and receive completed grievance forms.