Indiana’s Presidential Electors to Formally Elect President and Vice President Monday

Contact: Jim Gavin

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita to preside over 49th meeting of the Indiana Assembly of Presidential Electors

(Indianapolis) – Indiana's eleven presidential electors will officially cast their votes for president and vice president of the United States when they meet in the Indiana House of Representatives Chamber on the third floor of the Indiana Statehouse on Monday, December 15 at 10:00 a.m.

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, whose statutory duties include presiding at the Indiana Assembly of Presidential Electors, will call the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Federal law requires that the meeting of electors be held on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December of a presidential election year. Electors represent the party and the candidates selected by popular vote in Indiana on Election Day.

"The unique process by which we select our leaders sets us apart as Americans," said Secretary Rokita. "Monday will be a powerful demonstration of how we come together through this process to preserve the strength of our republic. It will be my honor to again lead this historic, solemn event."

During the meeting, Secretary Rokita will call the roll of electors and alternates. Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker will administer their oath. Secretary Rokita and his Election Division will then oversee the balloting and tabulation and announcement of the votes.

Additional information about the Electoral College in Indiana, including historical and statutory information, is available on the Secretary of State Web page click here.

Seating and viewing areas will be reserved for credentialed media at the front of the House Chamber as well as in the balcony.

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