Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita Reports on Statewide Voter File and Process for Verifying Voter Registrations

Contact: Jim Gavin


Secretary Rokita Calls for Election Officials to Remain Committed to Ensuring Election Integrity by Utilizing Available Methods of Verifying Voter Registrations

Indianapolis, IN (October 9, 2008) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita issued the following statement today regarding the use of Social Security Numbers as an appropriate and viable way to verify voter registration forms in Indiana:

“Giving Indiana voters and taxpayers the chance to participate in the fairest and most accurate election possible is my number one priority as chief election officer.  I’m being made aware of instances of voter registration fraud by ACORN and others, from all corners of the state and across the country.  I take these very seriously.

Using all available appropriate technology is our best way to combat voter fraud that we know exists in this state and across the country.  This is not the time to start foregoing or circumventing the process we have had in place for years that ensures accuracy in our election.  We built a statewide voter registration system well within the perimeters of state and federal law.

In Indiana, the implementation of the Help America Vote Act involves the verification of new and updated voter registrations through a number of methods to ensure voters are who they say they are and that they are eligible to vote.  These include verification through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Health and the Department of Correction.

Simply put, we have a lot of people in Indiana who have wanted to participate in this year’s election and primary.  We’ve had over 740,000 new and updated voter registrations already approved, and I welcome each one of these voters, and we have a lot of work to do still to process the remaining registrations so valid, eligible voters can vote.  The number of inquiries to the Social Security Administration database is not out of line with the number of registrations.”

Secretary Rokita made his comments while on a 45+ county tour of Indiana in advance of the election where he is personally assessing and assuring a fair and accurate election process for Hoosiers.  Today he met with the Carroll County Clerk and held an election readiness forum for election officials and poll workers in Lebanon.

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