Rokita Urges Hoosiers Overseas to Prepare Now for the Upcoming Election

Contact: Jim Gavin


Indiana’s Chief Elections Officer says next 30 days will be critical for overseas residents and military to vote successfully in November 4th election

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is urging Indiana residents living or stationed overseas to act now to ensure their votes will count in the upcoming General Election. His office has launched a collaboration with the Indiana National Guard to reach out to deployed troops.

“Anyone planning to be overseas on Election Day, whether it’s for school, professional reasons or military service, should take action immediately to begin the process of casting a vote absentee,” said Secretary Rokita. “Family members of Hoosiers serving in the military or living outside the United States for any reason should urge loved ones to register and request their ballot as soon as possible in order to receive and return a ballot in time.”

Rokita’s office recently engaged the Indiana National Guard to use the military-issued e-mail addresses of 3,100 deployed members to explain the steps needed to vote and send the necessary forms. Secretary Rokita is also preparing to visit with troops scheduled to be deployed from Camp Atterbury between now and the election.

“On Election Day, more than 4,600 Indiana soldiers and airmen will be deployed in our nation’s war against terrorism,” said Major General R. Martin Umbarger, Adjutant General of Indiana.“ The Indiana National Guard is pleased to work with the office of the Secretary of State to help these Hoosiers exercise their right to vote from wherever their service takes them.”

There are two key steps for Indiana residents overseas to follow:

Register to vote – Voter registration status can be obtained online at If a person is NOT registered, he or she can complete a Federal Post Card Application, 76 A, found at  This form acts as both a voter registration and an absentee ballot request form.

Apply for an Absentee ballot – Anyone overseas who IS registered to vote can obtain a ballot to vote absentee by completing the appropriate form: the ABS-15 to vote absentee by mail or the ABS-12 to vote absentee by fax. These forms and additional information are found in the Military and Overseas Voters Guide, available on the Secretary of State Web page at

The forms can be returned to the voter’s county election office, or to the Secretary of State at this address:

Indiana Election Division
302 West Washington Street, Room E-204
Indianapolis, IN 46204

“The right of citizens to choose those who will represent them is among the most important civil liberties,” said Secretary Rokita. “This right does not end at Indiana’s state line or our nation’s border. The men and women serving in our nation’s military are performing patriotic acts each and every day. Casting a vote and participating in the election is another way for them to help guard our fundamental freedoms.”