Secretary of State Statement on New Photo ID Lawsuit

Contact: Jim Gavin


Indianapolis (June 20)- Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita issued the following statement today in response to a lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters in Marion County Superior Court. The suit challenges the constitutionality of Indiana’s requirement that voters must prove their identity by presenting a photo ID before casting a ballot. In April, the United States Supreme Court upheld Indiana's law.

This lawsuit will result in the resources of state government being focused on this issue yet again and once again at taxpayer expense.

The highest court in the land has taken a close and careful look at this law and upheld it. I am confident this latest attempt to undo Indiana's exemplary photo ID law will also fail.

We have had eight successful elections in Indiana since the photo ID requirement was installed. Voter turnout has increased since the implementation of the photo ID law. Voters have better confidence in the process and are willing to invest their time again. I will continue to stand strong in protecting Hoosier voters and taxpayers by demanding accessible AND secure elections.

Those who continue to be concerned that a handful of voters will have trouble complying with the requirement should instead mirror our efforts to inform Hoosiers of this common-sense requirement and the myriad ways they can comply with it on Election Day.

Indiana has got some real problems, and this isn't one of them.