Provisional Ballots Deadline Nears

Contact: Jim Gavin

Rokita reminds Hoosiers to return to County Election Board

(Indianapolis) -Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita would like to remind those Hoosiers who cast provisional ballots during this year’s primary election, that they have until noon this Friday, May 16, to appear before their county election board to present documentation or other evidence that their provisional ballot should be counted.

The common thought among those who cast provisional ballots is that their ballot “won’t count,” because the election results have already been posted. The Indiana Election Division does not certify the election results until the 10-day provisional ballot process has passed, giving Hoosiers an opportunity to complete their individual voting process.

“For those Hoosiers who cast provisional ballots this year, I urge you to take the next step and verify your ballot,” said Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita. “Per Indiana Election Law, you have until noon this Friday to present a documentation or other evidence to your county election board.  If you are in need of a Photo ID, one can be obtained through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.”

Likewise, Indiana law provides that if a military voter or civilian living overseas has an absentee ballot postmarked no later than election day, then that absentee ballot will be counted if it is otherwise valid, so long as the absentee ballot is received by the county election board by noon on Friday, May 16.