Rokita Announces Cass County as Third Vote Center Pilot County

Contact: Jim Gavin


County to Save Nearly Half Million Taxpayer Dollars

Logansport, IN - Today, Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita joined Cass County Clerk of Courts Linda Crimmins to announce the selection of Cass County as Indiana's third vote center pilot county.   HEA1071, enacted during the 2008 General Assembly, granted authorization to a third county to participate in the Vote Center pilot program.  The first two pilot counties, Tippecanoe and Wayne, ran successful municipal elections in November 2007.

"The Vote Center concept means voters no longer have to worry about finding the right precinct, because any center in the county will work,” said Secretary Rokita.  “The concept also means savings for taxpayers by significantly reducing the cost of election administration."

For Cass County voters, the advent of Vote Centers means flexibility in where they cast ballots during the 2008 Primary and General Elections. Vote Centers can be strategically and centrally located, and will be placed in high-traffic, accessible locations, with preference given to locations along public transit lines, such as libraries and public office buildings. Also important, the Vote Center locations will also be compliant with the American Disability Act standards. 

Electronic poll books connected by a secure line to the county election board office will be updated in real-time and will enable election officials to ensure each person votes only once.

For Cass County taxpayers, Vote Centers mean reducing the cost of running the county's elections. The change translates to taxpayer savings by reducing the number of voting systems needed to run an election as well as reducing the number of election workers needed.  Cass County has projected an estimated saving of $476,000 by using the Vote Center concept.

The change also eliminates the need for costly printing and storage of poll books.

“As Clerk of Cass County, I am honored and delighted to be chosen as Indiana’s 3rd Vote Center Pilot County,” said Clerk Crimmins.  “It is exciting to my election staff and me to be making this progressive step in the voting process. It will mean a great deal of monetary savings both in election equipment and poll worker expense.”

The selection of Cass County follows an extensive application process, in which counties were asked to address questions of technical capability and impact to voters. The law requires selection of Vote Center pilot counties by March 17, 2008.

"The Cass County plan is not only a bi-partisan effort, but also both solid and impressive," Rokita said. "The successful implementation of a third Vote Centers county will certainly be an important step toward improving elections for all Hoosiers."