Rokita offers Information Assistance for Special Election

Contact: Jim Gavin


(Indianapolis) – A large number of Marion County residents will be voting for their next Seventh Congressional District leader next Tuesday, March 11, to fill the remaining term of Julia Carson. Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s office provides election day support and reminds voters that this election is no different than any other.

“As with all Indiana elections, our office is available to assist voters so that they may exercise their right to vote,” Rokita said.

Questions regarding election-related questions can be answered prior to and during the Special Election by calling the Hoosier Voter Help Line or by visiting and

Hoosier Voter Help Line
The Hoosier Voter Help Line, 1-866-IN-1-VOTE (1-866-461-8683), is a comprehensive resource designed to answer any election questions leading up to or on election day. Voters are also encouraged to use the Help Line to report suspected fraud or any physical obstacles to voting that they experience. Employees of the Secretary of State's office will staff the telephone line between 5:30a.m. to 6:30p.m. EST.
Hoosiers can check their registration status, locate polling places, and look up county-specific information by visiting, a service made possible with the implementation of Indiana's statewide voter registration system (SVRS) linking together all 92 Indiana counties with several key state agencies. explains the basics of Indiana's photo identification (ID) law, including exemptions, what kinds of IDs are acceptable, how to get an ID, how to cast a ballot without an ID, how to vote absentee, and necessary documentation to obtain a free ID. The site walks voters through steps needed to obtain a free state-issued ID from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) as provided by law.

The website also allows voters to print off a checklist for required documents as well as an explanation of the law to take with them to the BMV.

For more information on these resources or any election related questions, please call the Hoosier Voter Help Line at 866-461-8683.

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