On the Steps of the US Supreme Court Building

Contact: Jim Gavin


*Audio Feed: Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita speaks today from the steps of the United States Supreme Court after arguments relating to Indiana's Voter ID law. The following statement was released after the availability.

Post Oral Arguments in Indiana's Voter ID law case

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, the named respondent in this case, speaking from the steps of the United States Supreme Court as Indiana's Chief Election Officer:

"First, I wish to thank Tom Fisher for his powerful advocacy for Indiana's common sense law. The nine Court Justices also deserve our gratitude. The questions asked displayed non-political, thoughtful consideration of this issue.  Finally, the American public should be thanked because we overwhelmingly agree that this law is a good step forward in the way we select our leaders.

"The Voter ID law fights identity theft, which occurs in all facets of our lives. And despite what the plaintiffs wish for us to believe, the unfortunate and obvious fact is that the fastest growing crime in the nation does not magically stop at the polling place door.  The voters of Indiana, and this entire nation, deserve to have the simple protection that our law provides before we become further victims of fraud. Why should we wait to be burned by a fire before we build a firehouse?

"The Voter ID law restores voter confidence. Eighty percent of the public and all the federal courts that have so far ruled say "yes!" – we all deserve fair and accurate elections.  And Indiana's voter turnout has increased with implementation of our policy.  Photo IDs are used for all our important transactions in daily life  because of the confidence it gives.  So, while a few say 'you shouldn't have to show an ID' – I say,  when it comes to our most sacred civic transaction - voting - why shouldn't we?

"Indiana has conducted six successful elections since we implemented the law.  We will continue to bring our elections into the 21st Century by using common sense practices. We will continue to demand integrity and accessibility in our elections. And we will continue to restore voter confidence in the most powerful process ever achieved in the history of the world."