Secretary Rokita: Contest petition filed in race for Indiana Secretary of State

November 19, 2010

Indiana Democratic Party files a contest petition in the statewide race

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov.19, 2010) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today a petition for contest was filed by the Indiana Democratic Party in the statewide race for the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State.

According to the Indiana Election Division, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker filed the petition for election contest on behalf of the party late Friday morning.

"As with any other petition for recount or contest, the petition filed by the Indiana Democratic Party will be handled according to the process prescribed by state law," Secretary Rokita said. "As chairman of the recount commission and the state's chief election officer, the commission and I will follow what is dictated by state law in order to make appropriate determinations on the issues presented before the commission."

Rokita, who serves as chairman of the recount commission, will determine the location and time of any commission meeting. Once determined, a public notice will be issued.



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