Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita comments on sentencing of Marcus Schrenker on securities fraud charges

October 7, 2010

Secretary Rokita’s Indiana Securities Division started fraud investigation into Schrenker’s financial dealings in December 2008

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita issued the following statement after today’s sentencing of Marcus Schrenker for securities fraud. The judge in the case sentenced Schrenker to 10 years executed in prison running consecutively to the federal sentence of more than four years. Secretary Rokita’s Indiana Securities Division began an investigation into Schrenker and his businesses in December of 2008 and worked with the office of Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp to bring criminal charges. 

“Holding someone like Marcus Schrenker criminally accountable for his actions is important, and today marks a good end to that process.  It is sometimes difficult to get substantial time like this for people who didn’t necessarily take a gun or knife to anyone. These criminal actions were done with a computer, a pen and a briefcase. He is now serving substantial time. I am pleased with the outcome of a very solid partnership with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office. 

It is not the end of our work, however. Our civil receivership continues with a full-out effort to capture any of Schrenker’s current or future assets and get them back in the hands of the people who were the targets of his financial attacks.”

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