Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita honored for efforts to prevent election fraud in Lake County

August 30, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita received an award of appreciation from the East Chicago Republican Central Committee this weekend for his work as Indiana’s chief election officer to bring fair elections to East Chicago and for helping fight election fraud.

Since taking office in 2003, Secretary Rokita has made combating election fraud a priority. He became the first Indiana secretary of state to organize teams of Special Election Deputies – consisting of trained investigators and election lawyers dispatched across the state on Election Day to monitor compliance with state and federal election law and follow up on reports of suspicious or illegal activity. 

In 2007, Secretary Rokita took an active role in the East Chicago primary election when he deputized election attorneys to monitor voting at precincts and personally traveled to precincts to ensure election laws were being observed. Secretary Rokita also had staff in Lake County late into the evening during 2008 Presidential Primary and General Election when the timeliness of Lake County’s vote counting became the focus of national and international scrutiny.

In addition, Secretary Rokita has taken the lead in investigating illegal voter registration activity, compelling the United States Attorney and Lake County Prosecutor to become involved in ACORN’s 2008 election voter registration activities in Lake County and elsewhere. Last year Secretary Rokita was invited by members of the U.S. Congress to testify in Washington D.C. before a committee investigating ACORN.

In accepting the award, Secretary Rokita underscored how many of the issues of election security and integrity that were initially raised in Lake County have been addressed at the state level by the Indiana General Assembly. These include the state’s photo ID law and tougher standards for the handling of absentee ballots.

The East Chicago Republicans also honored Attorney General Greg Zoeller and former Attorney General Steve Carter for their work to promote election security and combat fraud. 

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