Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announces turnout and absentee ballot data for 2010 primary election

May 12, 2010

Secretary Rokita releases statewide data showing 21 percent voter turnout

(Indianapolis) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today statewide turnout and absentee balloting data for the 2010 primary election. Data compiled by the Indiana Election Division from post-election reports filed by Indiana's 92 counties show 21 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in the 2010 primary election. Of those who voted, 11 percent, or 94,671 Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot.

“Voting has been our civic responsibility since the formation of our republic, and that responsibility extends to the party nomination process,” said Secretary Rokita. “As we’ve seen in this election, Hoosiers want flexibility in how they cast their ballot, and will take advantage of options like absentee voting and Vote Centers.”

Voter turnout for the 2010 primary election was slightly higher than the 2006 primary, when 19 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. In the 2004 primary, voter turnout was 21 percent, and in 2002 was 22 percent. Due to the heavily contested Democratic Presidential primary in 2008, voter turnout was an unprecedented 40 percent.

Absentee Voting

The newly released figures show a 54 percent increase in absentee voting compared to the 2006 primary election, the most recent primary election with a similar voter turnout to 2010. In this year’s primary 94,671 Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot. Of those, 48,666 voters cast their ballot in person at a county clerk’s office or satellite voting office. The remaining 46,005 ballots were cast by postal mail or by traveling board.

In 2006, 7 percent of Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot in the primary. In the 2004 primary, 6 percent of Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot, and in the 2002 primary, 7 percent of Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot. In 2008, 11 percent of Hoosiers cast an absentee ballot in the primary.

Vote Centers

Counties with Vote Centers saw the largest rates of absentee voting. In Cass County, 42 percent of voters cast an absentee ballot. In Tippecanoe County, 29 percent voted absentee and in Wayne County 45 percent voted absentee. Statewide, 11 percent of Hoosier voters cast absentee ballots. In all three Vote Centers pilot counties, some Vote Center locations are utilized for in-person absentee voting prior to Election Day.

Secretary Rokita’s office developed to help Hoosiers prepare for Election Day. Hoosier voters made 71,989 visits to in the month leading up to the May 4 primary election. added two features prior to this year’s primary, “Who’s On Your Ballot?” and Indiana Campaign Finance.

Hoosier voters made 33,633 visits to the “Who’s on Your Ballot?” application, a tool that provides Hoosier voters with a complete list of candidates who will appear on their upcoming primary and general election ballots. Previously, Hoosiers in many precincts in Indiana could not find a comprehensive candidate list for federal, state and local offices until they received their ballot.

Hoosiers made 3,090 visits to the Indiana Campaign Finance application, which was re-launched in April to provide Hoosiers with search options to obtain more comprehensive information about the individuals and organizations that contribute to campaigns as well as the campaign committees themselves. This expanded database includes the most recent reports, annual totals and complete lifetime contribution and spending histories for all campaign committees. also provides information on registration status and polling places, helping voters plan how they would cast their ballot in advance of Election Day.

A county-by-county report of turnout in the 2010 Primary Election can be found at

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