Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announces a new online service for automotive dealers

April 22, 2010

Plates On-Demand program allows dealers to print temporary plates online; includes more vehicle information on plates

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today a new online service will be launched by his Dealer Services Division on April 30 for all automotive dealers in Indiana. Through the Plates On-Demand program, automotive dealers will access and print temporary plates online at their dealerships as they are needed instead of ordering the plates in bulk and having them shipped. The upgrade will also result in a new temporary plate design.

“With Plates On-Demand, Indiana’s auto dealers will have access to an innovative service that allows them to more rapidly and efficiently meet the needs of their customers,” said Secretary Rokita. “It is another example of how government services can be streamlined and costs can be lowered through the use of technology.”

The Plates On-Demand program will allow dealers to better serve their customers because they will no longer have to wait for delivery of temporary plates.  Under the new Plates On-Demand program, dealers will have immediate access and the ability to print temporary plates from the online system to a dealership printer.  This new initiative will save dealers time by eliminating the seven day processing period under the current system. 

An additional benefit of the Plates On-Demand program is enhanced security. The Plates On-Demand program will provide more details about the vehicle directly on the plate, including the vehicle’s make, model and VIN number. The additional information on the plate will allow law enforcement to quickly determine if the plate is being misused or has been stolen.

Secretary Rokita’s Dealer Services Division proactively communicated recently with automotive dealers and law enforcement agencies to ensure they are aware of the new system.  In order to use the Plates On-Demand system, a dealership is required to have internet access.  Plates On-Demand will replace the current system of ordering and shipping plates to dealerships.

The Plates On-Demand system goes into effect April 30, 2010. Beginning April 30, Hoosier automotive dealers can access the Plates On-Demand system through the Secretary of State’s web site, Indiana automotive dealers who have questions about the mandatory program are asked to contact A.D. Reeves, Dealer Services Director, at 317-234-7180.

Media Contact: Jim Gavin, 317-233-8655,