Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita comments on the Indiana Supreme Court hearing today in the case against Indiana’s voter ID law

March 4, 2010

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita issued the following statement today regarding the Indiana Supreme Court hearing in the case of League of Women Voters of Indiana, Inc. v. Rokita. Attorneys for the League of Women Voters of Indiana and for the State presented oral arguments to the Indiana Supreme Court this morning concerning Indiana’s voter identification law.

“For eight years I have fought for the people of Indiana, putting them before the politics of the Statehouse. Today was just another day in that fight. As Indiana’s Chief Elections Officer, I am proud to defend and will continue stand up for a law that emulates Hoosier commonsense.

The photo ID requirement is a nation-leading law that balances voter access and election integrity. The importance of balancing these two ideals was well argued by Solicitor General Tom Fisher. Quite simply, having this law in place assures Hoosiers that elections in our state are transparent, accurate and of the utmost integrity. As the justices themselves observed on several occasions, not one actual plaintiff has been presented who claims to have been denied the right to vote because of our photo ID requirement. Now that nine elections have been conducted under this law, it is more than safe to say that the photo ID requirement achieves election integrity without sacrificing voter access.”

Indiana’s photo ID requirement remains in effect pending a final decision by the Indiana Supreme Court.

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