Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita completes tour of all 92 Indiana counties for seventh year in a row

December 22, 2009

(Indianapolis) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita has visited each of Indiana’s 92 counties for the seventh year in a row. His final visit of the year was a tour of Daviess County business Graber Post Buildings yesterday, December 21. Also yesterday, Secretary Rokita toured Awningtec, Inc. in Harrison County. This past year, Secretary Rokita visited with Hoosier business leaders, civic organizations, local elected officials, college students and many others.

“The speed and accessibility of communication has changed dramatically since I took office,” Secretary Rokita said. “From email to social media, my office continues to open new channels of communication for Hoosiers. However, I continue to find one of the most effective ways for me, as an elected office holder, to understand the needs of Hoosier business leaders is by meeting with them face to face.”

In 2009, Secretary Rokita spent a considerable amount of his time on the road meeting with Hoosier business leaders to better understand how his office can help facilitate economic growth through the Business Services Division. The Business Services Division provides Indiana business owners the opportunity to file most of their required paperwork online, including new business registrations, entity reports and Uniform Commercial Codes. The Business Services Division also maintains several online searchable databases, allowing Hoosiers to search for businesses, trademarks and other corporate document images. By implementing smart business practices, increasing efficiency and using the latest in technology to deliver services to Hoosiers, Secretary Rokita is able to run his office on the same budget, unadjusted for inflation, as that of the Secretary of State in 1987.

“I am pleased to see that Hoosier business leaders and entrepreneurs are able to save time and resources by using our online services,” Secretary Rokita said. “More than 75 percent of our Business Services Division transactions are now conducted online.”

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