Secretary Rokita Welcomes Dr. Adam Herbert to IU

Contact: Cam Savage

Following is the speech given by Secretary of State Todd Rokita during inauguration ceremonies for Dr. Adam Herbert on April 15, 2004 at Indiana University.

Thank you. On behalf of the citizens of Indiana and our state elected officials; I want to say what a great honor it is to be with you today to celebrate the inauguration of Dr. Adam Herbert as the 17th President of Indiana University.

Dr. Herbert has distinguished himself in academia, in government service and as the leader of the nation's second-largest university system. Here at Indiana University, Dr. Herbert has taken the helm of a great institution in a great state, facing many great challenges.

Just a few months after arriving at Indiana University, Dr. Herbert spoke to a group of his colleagues from universities around the nation. In that address he clearly identified the challenges that face Indiana and the Indiana University system and laid down a bold framework for the mission of Indiana University in the 21st Century.

Dr. Herbert told his peers, "We must participate in efforts to transform our society as it evolves in the face of rapidly changing economic and social realities, increasingly generated by significant changes at a global level. The intellectual capital within our institutions certainly must be focused on our core missions of teaching, scholarly activity and service. But that deep reservoir of intellectual capital can also be used in so many creative ways to assist in efforts that enhance the quality of life in this nation and throughout the world."

As an alumnus I'm proud of the vision Dr. Herbert is setting for Indiana University. And on behalf of the citizens of the State of Indiana, I look forward to working with him, and everyone at Indiana University, to develop that "intellectual capital" in a way that not only prepares students for a life beyond these walls, but also fulfills our shared vision for Indiana and our nation. Thank you.