One week left to donate phone cards to injured military in time for holidays

Contact: Allison Fore

(Indiana) -- Hundreds of domestic phone cards representing thousands of minutes have been arriving to Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita's office from across the state and the nation for wounded soldiers recuperating overseas, but more are  needed.

The cards will be sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany beginning Dec. 19. Rokita started the phone card collection this past summer after visiting the military casualty hospital operated by the U.S. Military Command. The facility is a primary medical evacuation destination for U.S. troops participating in Iraq and Afghanistan military operations, and without phone cards, the injured troops are unable to call their loved ones because of the way in which the hospital's phone system is set up.

With a goal of collecting 50,000 minutes, Rokita’s staff has surpassed the halfway mark by collecting approximately 30,000 minutes to date.

"The cards we collect will be sent to the Air Force Base Chaplain for distribution to all of the wounded soldiers, not just those from Indiana," Rokita said. "It's our way of sharing Hoosier hospitality with the rest of the nation."

Domestic cards are preferable as the Medical Center has special U.S. based telephone connections. The only requirement to use the dedicated U.S. lines is access to prepaid domestic phone cards.

"The soldiers of today are not just young men like they were in the past," Rokita explained. "Many of them are mothers and fathers who just want to be able to call their children, spouses and parents back home."

To aid in this effort, Rokita and his office are collecting domestic prepaid telephone cards which can be purchased at local retailers. Cards can be sent to: Military Phone Card Program, c/o Secretary of State's office, 201 Statehouse, Indianapolis, IN 46204. The cards will be forwarded to the Air Force Base Chaplain starting December 19.

Additional information can be obtained by calling 317-232-6531 or by visiting

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