Rokita Partners with Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs

Contact: Allison Fore


Voters reminded about election law requirements

(Indianapolis) -- As Hispanic Heritage month celebrations abound throughout the nation, Indiana Secretary of State Rokita, in collaboration with the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, wants to remind Hoosier voters of their rights and responsibilities on Election Day, Nov. 6.

To do this, both offices participated in Fiesta Indianapolis, offering voter registration and providing general election information to thousands of visitors to Indianapolis’ American Legion Mall downtown. This was the third year that the Secretary of State’s office participated in an effort to facilitate voter outreach throughout the area’s Hispanic community.

"I want every eligible Hoosier citizen to exercise their right to vote, and partnerships like this are key to getting the word out to Hoosier voters,” said Rokita. “Decisions made at local levels of government have a significant impact on Hoosier voters and tax payers. It is critical that we make our voices heard by voting in the November 6 Municipal Election.”

“The Commission is pleased and honored to join with Secretary Rokita in promoting civic engagement to Hispanic and Latino voters throughout Indiana,” said Amy Mendoza, Executive Director of the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.

Commission members are encouraged to share information with their memberships on using to verify their voter registration and check their polling location. Additionally, members are challenged to conduct a voter registration drive or educational campaign within their organization using the forms and other free resources from the Secretary of State’s website,