Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita Releases Comprehensive Report on Indiana’s Preparedness for the November 4 Election

Contact: Jim Gavin



(Indianapolis) October 28, 2008 – Secretary of State Todd Rokita, Indiana’s Chief Election Officer, has published a 54-page report on his office’s pre-election activity in preparation for the 2008 General Election.

The report is available on the Secretary of State’s Web page at

Highlights of the report include:

  •  Extraordinary voter interest – with more than 817,000 new or updated voter registrations in 2008

  •  Updated figures on the number of voters who have already voted in this year’s election

  •  Details of Secretary Rokita’s 50+ county statewide pre-election tour

  •  Information about his trip overseas to inspect the absentee ballot process and meet with troops and military voting representatives

  • Outreach to hundreds of thousands of new voters, students and poll workers

  •  Unprecedented bipartisan collaboration with local election officials in all 92 Indiana counties

  •  Nearly $500,000 in grants to Indiana counties for polling place accessibility improvements

“As we reach the final week of our preparations for this monumental election, I am encouraged and confident,” said Secretary Rokita. “The enthusiasm I’m witnessing as I travel around the state is only matched by the level of preparation by our local election officials. Indiana is poised to deliver one of its finest hours through the execution of a fair and accurate election.”

Secretary Rokita’s office will periodically update the 2008 General Election Readiness Briefing through Election Day.

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