Token of love? Pre-paid domestic phone cards

Contact: Jim Gavin


Token of love? Pre-paid domestic phone cards

(Indianapolis) -- Fresh roses and chocolates may not be the easiest token of love to send to wounded soldiers overseas for Valentine's Day, but a prepaid domestic phone card is a gift that can touch everyone's heart.

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita has collected and sent over 300,000 prepaid domestic calling card minutes to patients recovering at the Landstuhl military casualty hospital in Germany but there is always a need for more.

"The Chaplain at the hospital told us that the troops started using the phone cards we sent to them for the holidays as soon as they received them," Rokita said. "Those serving overseas can't be home with their own loved ones for Valentines Day. After the holidays, Hoosiers continued to send more than 100,000 minutes to our office so we'll be sending another package."

The Landstuhl hospital serves as the primary medical evacuation destination for U.S. troops participating in Iraq and Afghanistan military operations. When Rokita toured the facility last summer, he discovered that the military requires domestic phone cards for outgoing calls because of the hospital's phone system configuration. The need was publicized, and Hoosiers started purchasing cards by the hundreds.

"My office and I will continue to remind Hoosiers that there is still a very real need so we try to make it easy for residents to donate by asking them to send the cards to us at the Statehouse," Rokita said.

The address to send prepaid domestic phone cards is: Secretary of State's office, the Statehouse, 200 W. Washington Street, Room 201, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Additional information can be obtained by visiting or by calling Allison Fore at 317-233-8655.