Indiana Corporate Registrations and Other Business Filings Now Available Online and at No Charge

Contact: Jim Gavin

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita implements latest in online service, efficiency which will specifically benefit Indiana business, financial and legal community

(Indianapolis) – More than 6.5 million images of corporate documents, business filings and other registrations on file with the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division are now accessible instantly and free of charge through the INBiz portal found on Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita's Web site:

The business filings now available online date back to the 1800s. They are commonly accessed to research the names and addresses of the principal officers of a business, for use in mergers and acquisitions or in the pursuit of capital to allow businesses to grow.

"Whenever it can, government should harness and leverage technology to drive down costs and drive up access for taxpayers," said Secretary Rokita. "I am proud of my staff's work and the culture that we have created here at the office of the Secretary of State to meet, and often exceed, the efficiency standards that are in place in the private sector."

These document filings, specifically accessed hundreds of times a day by the legal and financial communities, along with the businesses themselves, were previously available only in person at the Business Services Division in Indianapolis or through the mail. This is just one of the latest efforts to increase government efficiency that is allowing Secretary Rokita to operate his division on the same budget, unadjusted for inflation, as that of the secretary of state in 1987.

"In the instantaneous world we live and practice in, delays can't happen, and with this new service they won't," said Michael Mustard, a partner in the Ft. Wayne law firm Hunt Suedhoff Kalamaros, LLP, who has used the new online service. "We work with many states, and Indiana has some of the best, forward-thinking services in the country."

Users of the free service, which went online at the end of April, have already successfully accessed more than 106,000 images. Previously, the state charged $1 a page for paper copies of these corporate business filings and documents and an additional $15 for certified copies, but there will be no charge for the online service going forward.

Click here for an audio clip of Secretary Rokita speaking about this new service.

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