Election Reforms Advance in General Assembly

Contact: Jim Gavin

(Indianapolis) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who serves as Indiana's Chief Election Official, comments on the initial successes of a pair of election reform proposals that the Secretary of State's office has worked on with the General Assembly:

  • Senate Bill 534 – would give most Hoosiers the ability to register to vote online.

  • Senate Bill 471 – brings more transparency into the election process by requiring many local candidates and political action committees to file campaign finance reports online with the state.

Both bills have passed in the Indiana State Senate by a vote of 50-0.

"Thank you to the Republican and Democratic members of the Senate for working in a bipartisan fashion on these important second generation election reforms that follow on the heels of the cornerstone online campaign finance and statewide voter file initiatives," said Secretary Rokita. "We now are one step closer to being able to offer voters and taxpayers more access, more convenience and more accountability, without sacrificing the security we've worked to increase in recent years."

Media Contact: Jim Gavin: 317.233.8655 or media@sos.in.gov.