Eastern Bartholomew Water rate case

Eastern Bartholomew Water Corporation  and the OUCC have reached a settlement agreement in the utility's pending rate case. The agreement and supporting testimony were filed with the IURC on July 18, 2017:

Any settlement agreement before the IURC can be approved, modified, or denied. If the agreement is approved:

  • Eastern Bartholomew Water will receive a two-phase increase of about half its original request.
  • For a residential customer using 4,000 gallons per month, water charges will rise from $18.42 to $20.71 when a Commission order is issued. In the second phase, the charges will rise to $22.94. By comparison, the utility's original request would have increased the rate to $27.24.
  • The utility will be authorized to borrow up to $7.4 million in long-term financing to build a new water treatment plant.

The IURC evidentiary hearing in this case is currently scheduled for August 23, 2017.

  • Evidentiary hearings are held at the PNC Center (101 W. Washington St.) in Indianapolis.
  • While evidentiary hearings are open to the public, participation is typically limited to attorney and Commission questioning of witnesses who have filed technical testimony on behalf of the case's formal parties.
  • No final decision in the case will be made at the hearing.

The OUCC issued a May 4, 2017 news release to invite written consumer comments. An IURC public field hearing was held on May 18, 2017 in Taylorsville.

For more information on the rate case process and on offering comments, please see our infographic and our Speaking Out on Pending Cases fact sheet.

To view the case file, click here and enter cause number 44903.

Eastern Bartholomew's current rates were approved in 2008.

This page will be updated based on case developments.