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The Lake Michigan Coast Coordination Program was superseded bythe Lake Michigan Coastal Program as Indiana joined the nationalCoastal Zone Management Program. The following discussion now has mostly historic significance.]

In May 1995, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission adopted a Resolution to formally recognize the importance of the Lake Michigan coastal region to Indiana and to rededicate its professional staff and those of the DNR in service to the region. This resolution and other resolutions of governmental entities reflect upon the continuing need to foster communications among agencies and between the public and private sectors. One example is a September 1995 resolution from the Lake Michigan Marina Development Commission asking that the DNR enhance boater safety and encourage full lawful enjoyment of Lake Michigan and its Indiana tributaries by the boating public.

Public participation is also viewed as essential to providing competent service to the citizens, businesses, and industries of Northwest Indiana. The public work group process begun in 1995 provided an open forum to help identify the issues and possible solutions to those issues. Representatives of local government, commerce, labor, agricultural, industry, environmental, and property rights organizations participated in a Blue Ribbon Panel to continue public participation to further define and prioritize suggested solutions offered by the work group process.

The Lake Michigan Coastal Coordination Program is an initiative derived from these events and is designed to provide a continuing mechanism for communication and action benefitting Indiana's Lake Michigan Coastal Region. The Program is a major participant in several projects and a lesser participant in others. Shorelines is a quarterly publication of the Program intended to provide readers with information on a wide range of activities of local interest. Annual Reports of activities of the Program are provided to the Natural Resources Commission, with the most recent reports to be made available online. Examples of special projects pursued by the Program include Boating Laws on the Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan, the Healthy Beaches Initiative (an interagency effort to seek the solutions to sporadic high E. coli counts on Indiana's Lake Michigan beaches), and the Lake Michigan Indiana Recreational Access Guide.. Indeed, A Synthesis of Major Topics in the Lake Michigan Coastal Area is yet another effort of the Program.

Your continuing input is appreciated. For more information on current activities of the Lake Michigan Coastal Coordination Program, or for activities you would like to see pursued, contact coastal@dnr.state.in.us.

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