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Indiana State Library

Indiana State Library

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This page is under development and is NOT a complete listing of all Dearborn County family history resources available in the Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library at this time. As new Dearborn County family history resources are added, this page will be updated.

Birth Records

Births, 1882-1906
Microfilm, Second Floor

Harper, Lois. Delayed birth records at Dearborn County, Indiana. 1995. 67 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285h

Death Records

Deaths, 1882-1900
Microfilm, Second Floor

Marriage Records

Marriage Affidavits, 1868-1882, 1886-1888, 1894-1905
Microfilm, Second Floor

Marriage Applications, 1905-1918
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Marriage Index, 1826-1934
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Marriages, 1826-1923
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Marriages, 1826-1900
Microfilm, Second Floor

Record of Marriages, 1891-1908
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Marriages, 1806-1815
Indiana Magazine of History (1945) vol. 41
Genealogy Division, 977.2 I39

Marriages, 1826-1833 and J.P., 1806-1815
The Hoosier Genealogist (Oct.-Dec. 1974) vol. 14, no. 4
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

McHenry, Chris. Marriages of early Dearborn County residents not found in marriage records.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mm

Slevin, Ruth M. Marriages, 1854-1899. 1975-6. 2 vols.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285s

Deed Records

Deeds, 1821-1878
Microfilm, Second Floor

Deeds, 1826-1830 (some earlier re-recorded deeds because of destruction of earlier volumes)
Microfilm, Second Floor

Probate Records

Probate Order Books, 1826-1918
Microfilm, Second Floor

Probates, 1826-1830
Microfilm, Second Floor

Probates, 1826-1906, 1908-1914
Microfilm, Second Floor

McHenry, Chris. Probate complete record books A, B, & C (1826-1844).
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mp

Will Records

Wills, 1824-1900
Microfilm, Second Floor

Wills, 1826-1919
Microfilm, Second Floor

McHenry, Chris. Early wills from books I and II (including Ohio County before 1845) and perpetuated testimony books CC. 1976. 51 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285m

Cemetery and Church Records

Cemetery records (from Lawrenceburg Public Library)
Microfilm, Second Floor

Angevin, Erma. Angevine tombstones at homestead near Yorkville. 1 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 6

Cemetery Record of Manchester Lutheran Church (Zion Lutheran Church)
Genealogy Division, 977.202 M2689ce

DAR. Cambridge, East Fork, and West Fork cemetery records. [14 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 8

DAR. [Cemetery records ...]. 7 parts.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285 no. 5

DAR. Universalism church membership, 1868-1927. 1975. 6 [6] pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285da

Dubois County Genealogical Society. ….Cemetery Directory 2009.
Genealogy Division, Geneal. 977.201 D815dce

Evans, C. M. Ebenezer Baptist cemetery, Aurora. 1964. 7 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285 no. 2

First Presbyterian Church, Aurora, Indiana ... register of deaths [1879-1906]. [6 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.202 Auncat. no. 1

Horstman, Helen. Three Dearborn County ... cemeteries: German Lutheran, Buchanan Farm, and Bedunnah. 1974. [4 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 9

Indiana Historical Society. [Cemetery records]. Part 1, Miller Cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. [1950]. 2 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285 no. 1

Indiana Junior Historical Society. Cemetery records. Part 1, St. Leon cemetery.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285 no. 4

Indiana Junior Historical Society. Longnecker cemetery, Harrison Township. 1970. [6 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 3

List of members belonging to the Second Church of Christ in Manchester, when and how received, when dismissed, excluded, and deaths -- commencing September 16th, 1819. [6 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.202 Muncat. no. 1

McHenry, Chris. Cemeteries (Bainum private, unnamed, cemetery on Sand Run Road). From Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, vol. 6). [2 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 11

McHenry, Chris. Alden, Five Points, Huber-Briggs, St. John's Lutheran, Stephen's Lutheran (Busse Church), and St. Paul's Lutheran Church cemetery records ... 1978. 11 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 10

Murphy, Thelma M. Mt. Tabor Methodist Churchyard, Aurora. 1 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 2

Persons buried in Old Newton Cemetery, Lawrenceburg ... 1940. 3 pp. (Part 1); [Burials at Old Newton cemetery]. [3 pp.] (Part 2); cemetery records from what is known as the Old cemetery at Lawrenceburg ... 1939. 3 pp. (Part 3).
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 1

Platt, Chester. Platt, Hogan Hill, M.E. (Manchester), Universalist cemeteries ... 3 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 4

Smith, Marian. [Cemetery records ...]. [9 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 D285 no. 3

Tombstone readings, Watts Family Cemetery ... 3 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 5

DAR. Cemetery records.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285c

DAR. Cemetery records. Lawrenceburg Public Library. [1978]. 1 vol.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285dea

DAR. Cole Chapel Cemetery; Rand Cemetery. 1963. 2 parts.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285d

Fox, Dianne. Cemeteries of the northeast section of Dearborn County, Indiana. 1993. 250 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285f

Masing, Milton A. Dearborn County, Indiana cemetery records. c2000. Vol. A (two parts): Lawrenceburg Township : St. John's Church, Miller, Guard Family, Rees Family, Wymond Family, Pike-Gages Family, The Greendale and Lawrenceburg Public cemeteries and the Hardinsburg Cemeteries -- v. B. Aurora, Center Twp., v. C. Caesar Creek Twp., Clay, Twp., Hogan Twp, Sparta Twp., Washington Twp.
V.D…Jackson Twp., Kelso Twp., Manchester Twp., York Twp., and Addendum 2008.
Genealogy Division, Geneal. 977.201 D285ma

McHenry, Chris. Cemeteries, a preliminary inventory. 1977. 16 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285de

McHenry, Chris. Cemetery lists, Dearborn and Ohio Counties. 1977. 45 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mch

One hundred thirty-five years of God's blessings, 1843-1978: St. John's Lutheran Church, Farmers Retreat, Indiana. 1978. 67 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.202 F234o

Plat of the Old Lawrenceburg Cemetery ... 1940. 1 sheet, 1940. Plan showing details of relocation and reinternment of the Old Lawrenceburg cemetery, in the Greendale cemetery near Nowlin Ave. 1 sheet. [1940].
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285L

Rau, Robert C. St. Stephan's (Busse) Lutheran Church, Weisburg, Manchester twp., Dearborn County, Indiana marriages, 1860-1931. 1987. [12] leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.202 W426r

Rau, Robert C. Marriage records from five german protestant churches in Dearborn and Franklin Counties, Indiana : St. Jacob's, Blue Creek; St. Peter's Klemmes Corner; Trinity, Klemmes Corner; St. Paul's, Saint Leon; St. John's, Southgate : 1840-1940. 1987. [10] leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285r 

Court Records

Circuit Court Order Books, 1824-1829
Microfilm, Second Floor

Commissioners Records, 1845-1851
Microfilm, Second Floor

Index to Estates, 1826-1913
Microfilm, Second Floor

Family Records

Family Records (from the Lawrenceburg Public Library). (Includes birth and death records, church records).
Microfilm, Second Floor

Land Records

Surveyors Books, 1799-1805
Microfilm, Second Floor

Mortuary and Obituary Records

Condensed obituaries from a scrapbook owned by Clarence Platt of Moores Hill, [1879-1964]. [8 pp.]
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 Duncat. no. 7

Bockhurst, Diane. Some obituaries. 1972.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285b

Dahlenberg, June. Index to some Dearborn County, Indiana obituaries. 1988. 71 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285b

McHenry, Chris. Obituaries, 1820-1860. c1983. 41 pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285md

McHenry, Chris. Obituaries, 1851-1860.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mda

Naturalization Records

Naturalizations, 1838-1890
Microfilm, Second Floor

The Hoosier Genealogist (Mar. 1979) vol. 19, no. 1
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

Tax Records

Darlington, Jane E. List of delinquent taxpayers ... for the year 1842. [1981?]. [21 pp.]
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285dar

Voter Records

Voters, 1809; 1812
The Hoosier Genealogist (1961, 1969)
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789


Darlington, Jane E. Commercial license fee book: 21 October 1839 to December 1853. [1982?]. n.p.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285dac

McHenry, Chris. Climbing the family tree, Sept. 1975-Aug. 12, 1976. (Photocopy of weekly newspaper column). 1976. [40] pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mc

McHenry, Chris. Genealogical data from commissioners' records I-IV and apprenticeship records.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 D285mg

Patmore, Sharon. Index to Ferdinand, …Indiana Newspapers, 2008.
Genealogy Division, Geneal. 977.202 F347pin

Many of the records identified on this page were initially selected by Carolynne L. Wendel Miller in her book, Indiana Sources for Genealogical Research in the Indiana State Library, published in 1984 by the Indiana Historical Society.

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