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    Test Your Redistricting Knowledge:

    (Scroll down to bottom of this page for correct answers).

    1. What does it mean to "pack" voters into a district?
    A. New district boundaries focus on the interest of a smaller, more isolated constituent population rather than considering the diverse whole.
    B. To create a district with a larger population than its surrounding districts.
    C. Voters of one political persuasion are concentrated into a single district to isolate their impact.
    D. To create a district with a large population that is severely divided by political and special interests.

    2. If proposed district maps "crack" voter groups, what has happened?
    A. Voters of one political persuasion are split among multiple districts to dilute their impact.
    B. A great deal of strife breaks out among political parties under new district boundaries.
    C. New districts that once favored one political party now favor the other under new district boundaries.
    D. Legislators create new districts at random, disregarding the interests of constituents.

    3. In the redistricting process, the term "nesting" refers to...
    A. Settling down in a new home with your significant other.
    B. When one legislative district surrounds another.
    C. When a mother robin gathers sticks and materials to build a nest for her new hatchlings, signaling spring legislative deadlines.
    D. When the boundaries of two or more State House of Representatives districts are completely contained within the boundaries of one State Senate district.

    4. Indiana has ____ Senate Districts and ____ House Districts.
    A. 48, 105
    B. 100, 50
    C. 48, 108
    D. 50, 100

    5. What is a "precinct"?
    A. Another name for a legislative district.
    B. A geographic area established to assign voters to a designated polling place for the purpose of conducting elections.
    C. A voting location during elections.
    D. An area created by elected officials to group voters for assignments to a particular political party.

    6. The following shape represents...

    A. A frog
    B. A piece of lettuce
    C. A green crab
    D. Senate District 15



    1. C
    2. A
    3. D
    4. D
    5. B
    6. D