Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
    SEC. 9. (a) This act applies retroactively to the full extent that it can be so applied constitutionally.
    (b) Nothing in the retroactive application of this act may be construed to create a new cause of action which did not exist prior to its effective date, nor may it be construed as reviving or reinstating any cause of action already barred under the law.
    (c) If this act cannot be applied retroactively to absolve a present or former public official or employee from personal liability, the governmental entity employing him may pay any judgment, compromise, or settlement of the claim or suit and shall pay all costs and fees incurred in the defense of the claim or suit.

    SEC. 26. A conviction for a felony committed before the effective date of this act constitutes a felony conviction under IC 35-50-2-1.