Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
    SECTION 1. That section one of an act entitled "An act to incorporate the New Harmony workingmen's institute for mutual instruction," approved February 15, 1839, be amended as follows:
    That John Cooper, Edward Cox, James Sampson, Samuel Bolton and Thomas Mumford and their associates and their successors in office are hereby constituted and appointed a body corporate and politic, and shall be known by the name of "The New Harmony workingmen's institute," and by that name shall have the power to sue and be sued, to adopt the constitution now existing and the same to alter and amend and to make and use a common seal, as given to corporations by the common law, to borrow money and secure the payment of the same by notes and mortgages, bonds or deeds of trust upon real and personal estate of such association; to purchase, rent, lease, hold, sell and convey real estate for the advancement of the objects of the association as hereinafter set out; to erect, buy, rent, lease and maintain suitable buildings for such purposes and for other objects properly connected therewith, to receive and accept donations of money, lands, goods, chattels and the like, either by gift or devise, and to hold, use, enjoy, mortgage, sell and convey the same for the benefit of such corporation, in the manner provided in the deed of the gift or in the devise by which the same is received. And said association shall have the power to make by-laws and to do and perform all other acts necessary to carry into effect the objects named herein.