Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
    SECTION 1. That Section sixty-seven of an act entitled "An act to incorporate the town of Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana," approved January 22, 1851, be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows:
    Section 67. The Mayor and Common Council of said town, in the improvements of the streets, alleys and sidewalks thereof shall have the powers delegated to the Common Councils of cities and the Board of Trustees of towns of this State in, be governed by the provisions of, and follow the procedure prescribed by "An act concerning powers and duties of cities and incorporated towns, and their Common Councils and Board of Trustees, and providing the mode and manner of making street and alley improvements and building sewers, and providing for the mode and manner of enforcing the payment of the cost of street and alley improvements and building sewers, and permitting cities and incorporated towns to issue street and sewer improvement bonds, and repealing all conflicting laws and declaring an emergency," approved March 8, 1889, Acts of 1889, page 237, commonly known as the Barrett law, and the general laws amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, applicable to cities and towns generally, in force in this State; said act and laws being sections 4288 to and including Section 4298 of Burns' R. S. 1894; Section 1 of the act of Feb. 17, 1899, Acts of 1899, page 63, and sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the act of Feb. 22, 1899, Acts of 1899, page 88, which sections are hereby made applicable to said town of Vernon so far as the same are practicable.