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    SEC. 1. That James Keigwin, Charles Sleade, and William D. Beach, be and they hereby are made a body politic and corporate in law, under the name and style, and title of the "Trustees of the Walnut Ridge Cemetery, and by that name, shall be able and capable in law to have and to use a common seal, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, and do all such other things as are incident to a corporation.

    SEC. 2. That the persons named above shall be trustees and managers of said Walnut Ridge Cemetery, and shall have power to lay out and ornament the grounds, to dispose of and arrange burial lots, and to make such by-laws, rules and regulations relative to the election of trustees and managers, and their successors, the appointment of suitable officers and agents, and their several duties and compensations, and make such rules and regulations, from time to time, for the government of lot holders and visiters to the cemetery, as they may deem necessary; to purchase ground adjoining, for the purpose of enlarging the burial ground and garden for the superintendent, sexton or other officers: Provided, That the extent of the ground to be appropriated under this act shall in no case exceed fifty acres.

    SEC. 3. That the said trustees of the said Walnut Ridge Cemetery and their successors, shall be able and capable in law, to purchase and hold the said land, and to sell and dispose of the same; and also to have and to hold so much personal estate and no more, as may be necessary for the purposes of this incorporation, or with the consent of those who now are, or hereafter may be proprietors of the ground not granted for burial lots, to assume the management, direction, and disposal of the same according to the powers herein given.

    SEC. 4. That no streets or roads shall hereafter be opened through the land of the said corporation occupied as a burial ground, except by and with the consent of this corporation.

    SEC. 5. The legislature shall have power at any time hereafter to alter, amend or repeal this charter.
    This act to be in force from and after its passage.