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IC 23-14-77
     Chapter 77. Vaults Used to Encase Human Remains

IC 23-14-77-1
Disclosure requirement
Sec. 1. A person who sells or otherwise furnishes to another person a vault that:
        (1) will be used to encase the remains of a deceased individual; and
        (2) is not airtight and watertight;
shall inform the other person in writing that the vault is not airtight and watertight before the person sells or otherwise furnishes the vault to the other person.
As added by P.L.61-2008, SEC.3.

IC 23-14-77-2
Class B infraction
Sec. 2. A person who violates this chapter commits a Class B infraction.
As added by P.L.61-2008, SEC.3.