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IC 23-14-56
     Chapter 56. Record Keeping

IC 23-14-56-1
Sec. 1. A cemetery owner shall keep a record of each interment, entombment, and inurnment in the cemetery. The record must:
        (1) show:
            (A) the date on which the body was received;
            (B) the date of interment, entombment, or inurnment;
            (C) the name and marital status of the person whose remains are interred, entombed, or inurned; and
            (D) the plot and the grave in which the interment or inurnment was made or the location within the building or structure in which the entombment or inurnment was made; and
        (2) include the permit for burial issued by the division of public health of Indiana.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.30.

IC 23-14-56-2
Permanent preservation of record
Sec. 2. The cemetery in which an interment, entombment, or inurnment takes place shall permanently preserve the record required by this chapter either:
        (1) in the form of the original record; or
        (2) in alternative form such as microfilm, microfiche, computer disk, or compact disk.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.30.

IC 23-14-56-3
Violation of chapter; Class B misdemeanor
Sec. 3. A person who knowingly violates this chapter commits a Class B misdemeanor.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.30.